Wednesday’s Wisdom – Abuse!

Don’t let anyone, I mean NO ONE abuse you or disrespect you!  Guard your heart!  Imagine holding a great shield over your mind – keeping out the negative darts that sail by you daily.  This is a battlefield we are in, but unlike war with weapons we are bombarded daily by words from the media, uncaring people,  and sometimes even unknown people weigh in with the disrespect.  They simply can’t help but express their opinion about you, your job, your family, your home, your…

Why?  How did we get here?  Lack of respect!  Children don’t learn it from their parents.  So, we can’t blame it on the children.  Adults don’t practice it, because they were never taught or cared to learn.  Simple, small little things that you do daily that makes life richer, more enjoyable  – respect.   The fiery arrows of hate, distrust, name calling, lying, and those that try to make your life miserable…guard your heart against those people.  Don’t let what they think determine who or what you do!  

Follow Christ’s example.  Don’t blend in to this disrespectful clan.  Show respect for yourself and others and stand out.

Proverbs 4:23 – Keep thy heart  with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.

Wednesday’s Wild Wisdom: What is it about the world and the C word?

Today, I woke up wondering about the world, in general, and my little piece of it in particular with regard to change.  Everyone expects things to stay the same.  That’s not what we did before.  That’s not how you behaved last week.  That’s not what I want.  Everything – the trees, the grass, the sky, our precious children,  the lives we live – everything is in a constant state of flux in this world.  Change is inevitable.  The way we view change is the problem.   So why should we stay the same?

I would imagine, the people that love you in your life want what is best for you.  They truly do!  However, they view the world through the lens of their own camera, not yours.  I’m a firm believer in the WORD and know that I should focus on God and not on others, but sometimes it just burns my tail when folks can’t understand change.  They want you to perform, act, be like their lenses in their camera views you or the world around you or how they previously perceived your life.  Not going to happen!  Some of us go through life looking through a fancy $5046 lens which details minute changes,  while others view life through the $56 lens!  We are all different and our viewpoints and vantage points change depending on the lens we are looking through and where we are at physically and mentally at that moment.  Zoom in!

My whole life, from beginning to now – here in my 60s, I’ve had to adapt to change.  My homelife wasn’t horrible growing up,  but it wasn’t the greatest.  My family situation was hard at times as were many others.  So what do you do when things are hard – you change – you adapt – you make the best of it!  However, for some people that are stuck in their own one way lens, they can’t see that change is OK – not always great, but definitely not always bad!  The toughest and most resilient see change as an opportunity, they adjust the lens, zoom in, find the best shot and take a chance. Fear of the unknown keeps us from moving forward.

Long ago a favorite friend and professor explained this to me as a bowl of jello. At first,  it is liquid and forms to whatever shape of container you put it in and then becomes more solid, more resistant to upsets, but it never loses it’s “wiggle.”  It just gets more comfortable in the container where it exists.   Folks, take it from me – change is life!  Just settle down and wiggle a little, readjust your camera lens and give change a shot!  You might be pleasantly surprised with the results and how it makes you feel about yourself!

2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore if any man {be} in Christ, {he is} a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Welcome! All About Me!

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for visiting my blog!  I love company whether here or at my real home.  So come on in, sit down, grab a cup, and let us get better acquainted!

I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, and a friend – sometimes I’m a traveler, a cook, a crafty crafter, a collector, an estate sale addict, a poor quilter, a Christmas collector (hoarder?), and I retired from the industry that touches all others – education!  I do not like the word “retired” very much (more later) so I will refrain from using it too often! (Ha!)

I live in the middle of the USA!  I love to travel and especially love nature and National and State Parks, the ocean, mountains, great restaurants, museums, and aquariums!  Lately, my traveling has slowed down a bit,  because of impending (doom?) knee replacements which will occur within the next few months.  I have a son and a daughter, which both have families of their own.  My son has four children and my daughter has three.  I’ve also had the great joy of keeping my youngest of seven Grands since retirement.   He has graduated from Nanna and is headed to PreSchool.  He is ready to take the world by storm and I’m definitely his biggest cheerleader! It has been my greatest honor to love him BIG for the last three years!  He is the youngest of seven Grands.  All seven have made my life much richer, provided me with much laughter, and brought me a great big bunch of love!

However, very soon I will be hitting the road to share with you what I find, some places we’ve already traveled (to help me make it through until we go again)!  While home, I hope to share with you some home ideas about gardening, collecting, Wednesday’s Wisdom, and living and loving life – in general, anything that will occupy my time and entertain or help you learn! Once a teacher, always…

So come along with me on this journey and find out why I believe that life actually starts at 60!  (PS – you do not have to be 60 to follow…bet you’ll learn something here no matter your age 6-60!  

Last of all, the header pic is from Babcock State Park, WV.  My son, Steve,  took that shot and agreed to share it with me.  It is my favorite picture right now!