Garage Sales In February

Do you love finding treasure? Do you love garage sales? Oh My Goodness…I’ve always loved them. Let me tell you a wee little tale (that’s true) about garage sales and my family.

Long ago, over 40 years now when I was married just a couple of years and was expecting Stephen Michael, Thelma (my great aunt), Mom, and I would load up every Friday and head for Rolla to the Garage Sales (capitalized for importance!). Boy, would we have a time! We shopped and found and laughed and looked and laughed and created memories that are still serving me well here in my 60s.

We’d pull up to a sale and Thelma would grab her purse and be the first one out the door. She would peruse the tables and find a treasure or two and then proceed to help me, as I waddled out of the car nine months pregnant, to find some treasures for him. By the time he was born, we had filled a chest of drawers completely with a lovely layette for very little money. Which is a good thing, because we didn’t have much of that stuff. Then, by the time Laura arrived I was a pro and her little closet was full of ruffles and lace. We only purchased the very best and I’d launder and dream of when my sweet babies would wear those clothes.

After yard sales we’d go somewhere for a bite to eat and then head home in time for Mom and Thelma to cook supper. Notice I left myself out, if it hadn’t been for Grandma Pearl and Mom, Steve and I would have starved to death in those days. So, my love for yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, whatever you want to call them goes far back. So, when Steve (garage sale hater) and I ventured out on Thursday I found a Garage Sale sign and after much pleading convinced Steve to take me. It didn’t disappoint!

Garage Sale Finds in February

The Carnival Glass??? bowl doesn’t have a chip and it is so pretty. The letter holder is for a DIY project which I will share with you later. The folding board is for the formidable quilting. So it was great fun. I had a nice visit with the lady selling things and was just as happy with my small purchase as I would have been had I paid $100 at the department store for the same thing!

Moral of the story garage sale fans…Hold on…Spring is coming!

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  1. Oh those garage sales! Good times, indeed. Remember the bucket of baseballs we bought? T loved them more than just almost anything else we could have brought him.

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