Wednesday’s Wisdom: Take My Hand!

When you hold my hand, life is easier!

As I was waiting to get out of my car to Volunteer last week I saw a father and daughter pull up to school. They were definitely running a little late. However, I was reminded of something as I watched them.

The dad walked around the car and held the door for his daughter. She hopped out and walked up the sidewalk beside him. As she reached the steps into the building she grabbed for his hand.

Have you reached a place in your life that is a little hard to climb? Are you running late to get your life in order? Have you looked at the mounting steps before you and needed a little encouragement and or assistance? Do you have an insurmountable staircase to climb? Just like this little girl, we have a heavenly Father that is willing to take our hand so that we don’t have to climb alone. (Notice I didn’t say we didn’t have to climb…another day’s post). He will help us to climb to the top, if we will just reach for His hand.

Reach for the hand of Jesus all the time; especially, during the hard times. He will be right there beside you.

Psalms 55:22 NIV Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Fill My Cup, Lord!

You know there are times as a Christian when you feel like your cup is not only empty, but turned over and rolled off the table so that His goodness can’t fill it up! Why is that? What happened to make you turn your cup over so that you couldn’t be filled to overflowing?

Sometimes life is tough. You lose someone close to you, the job you wanted didn’t come through, or you’ve been wanting a mate forever and he/she hasn’t appeared…you get mad and turn that cup over. God wants us to hold up our cup to Him in expectation, and let Him fill it with goodness until it overflows. WE must hold the cup and believe in Him and His goodness.

There’s been times in my life when my cup was completely lost. I had to search for it. When I searched, I always found it where I HAD left it. God doesn’t leave us to deal with life on our own, and He doesn’t promise it will always be easy. He wants us to call on Him and His willingness to fill, refill, and continually keep full to overflowing no matter what we are going through.

Romans 15:13 New International Version (NIV)

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Bible Study

Encourage One Another…

When I was working it was so difficult to find the time to do all the things that are “good for you,” like attend church, bible study, accomplish your household duties, and to participate in activities that bring you joy. However, since I’ve retired I’ve had more “me” time and have found that there are a couple of activities that NEED to be on everyone’s list of things that help you so much.

I’ve found that Bible Study with other women has been one of those things. It has deepened my faith and caused me to think of things from a different viewpoint. It has allowed me to be with young mothers, women my age, and offered me the opportunity to encourage others as much as they encourage me. Everyone, especially MOTHERS that work, need this!

Please talk to your church (or, attend ours) and sign up for a class that works with your schedule. Our church provides opportunities for day/evening times and most provide childcare. Sign up soon…you’ll be so glad you did!

Hebrews 10:25(NIRV) And let us not give up meeting together. Some are in the habit of doing this. Instead, let us encourage one another with words of hope. Let us do this even more as you see Christ’s return approaching.

Count Your Blessings!

Is it just me or do people complain more than in the past? I know I do. I attribute mine to crankiness and pain. But even young people and children complain. This post is written to remind us to count our blessings!

Some statistics state that nearly 43.1 million people in the USA live in poverty. I am so thankful for my home, food, and all that I have. Thank you, God!

Some statistics state that nearly 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in prisons and jails in the USA. I’m so very thankful I’m free. I hope Jesus reaches every one of them and they accept him.

Some statistics state that nearly 2.5 million children are homeless in the USA. That’s 1/30 in our nation. I’m so very thankful that my Grands have parents and homes where they are warm and well fed.

So, I’m going to stop complaining and start counting my blessings. How about you?

Psalms 103:2 – Bless the Lord, O my soul,  and forget not all his benefits.

Wednesday Wisdom: Love

Love … It truly is all we need!

This week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day and it started the wheels rolling in my brain at what exactly is love. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you hold it in your hand? Or, is it merely a passing fancy? Like always I go to the “Source” for my answers and this is what I found.

Romans 13:10 – Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

When I read those words I’m reminded of all the negativity we see and participate in on social media or conversation (could this be our NEIGHBORhood). LOVE DOES NO HARM…can you say you’ve truly loved? Have you lived your life without hurting someone. I’m Guilty! I’ve been hurt as well. Neither is good. We as a country could learn a great deal from this verse.

Love does no harm!

Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love”

When I was a much younger mother, I attended a church service where the preacher talked about two women and one baby were in a court of law. Both women stated the baby belonged to them. They were adamant about their decision. The judge being wise said we would just have to cut the baby in half, one half for each mother. As someone prepared for the task, one woman screamed and stepped forward and said “give him to her.” That was the child’s mother. Her love for the child would save him from death even if it meant she couldn’t have him. So the judge awarded her the child. That’s REAL love when you will step away from something you love rather than see it hurt.

Love is the highest command more so than faith and hope!

Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

This is such an important scripture for today. Each time you turn on the TV or radio someone is upset with someone or an event in the past is offensive. How have we missed this verse. Reread it. Completely humble and gentle means we are NOT better than anyone and no one is BETTER than us. Be PATIENT with each other’s faults…none of us are perfect…keep unity and peace. We really have a bit further to go in this area in my humble opinion.

Love is the most important gift we can give ourselves and others. We are wonderfully and fearfully made according to scripture. As you go about your day tomorrow, remember to be patient, peaceful, and do no harm to your neighbor. For our charge is LOVE…

Humble, Gentle, Bearing One Another…

Wednesday Wisdom: Stepping Out

The first step they say is the hardest. The stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown is where you find your purpose and your God. He might be calling you now or he’s called you in the past. Maybe you feel an urgency to do something you need to do or haven’t done yet. Or maybe its a nagging thought of something you should do. Have you listened to that small still voice?

Sometimes we have to take a “leap” of faith not just a step. If there’s something you feel like you need to be doing, I encourage you to do it. Don’t wait. Don’t let Satan, or anyone he uses, keep you from the purpose that God has established in your heart. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. Step out in faith and take that first step.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV  Now faith is  confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Do you have to be perfect to worship God?

There’s a meme going around on social media that states “YOU CANNOT TREAT PEOPLE LIKE GARBAGE AND WORSHIP GOD AT THE SAME TIME.” This is directed to Christians and is ASSUMING you must be a perfect person to worship God. I’m assuming this meme is really directed to an individual(s) that has lost the respect of someone else because of they didn’t like the behavior of said Christian. But, we all fall short of God’s Glory whether we are a Christian or not. None of us are perfect. So this started me thinking about people that ridicule Christians for not being perfect.

Is anyone perfect? Do you have to be perfect to worship God? So I read the Word and this is what I found. Fellow Christians trying to walk this hard walk, refer to the scriptures below if you’ve been ridiculed or feel like people expect you to be perfect. Ecclesiastes 7:20 There is not a righteous person on earth who always does good and never sins.

Do people talk about you? Do they lie? Do they accuse you falsely? In society today, people are always looking for people to accuse, blame, talk about, or condemn. Even if there isn’t a shred of truth to it some people enjoy the process. Do not repay them with insult or blame, just pray. Proverbs 24:29 states “Do not say, I will do to him as he has done to me; I will pay the man back what he has done.” They may kiss your cheek and hug you one day and send you down the muddy river of insult the next. If this has happened to you, then you are in good company. Even Jesus experienced this while on Earth.

In this life there will be trials. The Word states that this is so. So, I don’t doubt that you’ve never experienced such ridicule. But, sometimes it is difficult to understand or endure when someone lies. It is hard to see beyond your hurt feelings or the loss they cause. This is when we fall. Instead of turning it over to Jesus we try to “fix” it ourselves. But the Word says it even happened to Jesus. As one without sin He met many who ridiculed him and were willing to do worse. Why does that happen? Why when He was so good and healed and blessed so many, why? Why do people try to hurt those that help them? Jealousy? Ignorance? I’m not really sure, but it still occurs daily. In James 1:2-3 the word says to “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

As humans it is only natural to want to repay evil with evil. It is human nature to want to protect yourself, your family, and your reputation. But God’s got you and His word proclaims His truth, not the words of the world, in which we live. If you are a Christian, this world isn’t your destination. But the Word says in 1 Peter 3:9 “Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.” Our walks here on earth are difficult, but not without promise. It isn’t a sign of weakness that you turn the other cheek, it is a sense of obedience.

No one is perfect. You will be condemned. You will suffer trials and temptations. You will not be perfect. But, God is forgiving and He is the ultimate answer.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Turn the Other Cheek

For most of my life I’ve been overweight. It hasn’t impeded my lifestyle other than shopping, but my weight was a factor when I was a child and then again, after I had children. It is a battle I fight daily. So, when I went to the doctor this week with my painful knee I was again faced with another reference to my size. Which brings me to my Wednesday’s Wisdom.

What is it about people thinking because you are not thin that you are not smart? Why do people believe that you must eat boxes of Twinkies or you wouldn’t be that size? Why do they speak in a condescending manner because you are overweight. I just don’t get it!

In grade school, I understood. Kids are bullies. They make fun of other kids usually to look “cool” or to overcome some inadequacy in themselves. As adults, overweight people deal with space issues (planes, cars, booths, etc.), clothing concerns, and being treated differently all the time. Although being overweight MAY be our own fault, should people treat you differently because of your size? I don’t treat people who are dumber than a rock like they are stupid. I don’t treat people who lie like they are a liar. I don’t treat people who stir trouble, like they are a troublemaker. Just wondering here why people feel it is THEIR business to assume that overweight people are dumb.

This sounds a whole lot like a rant and not a bit of wisdom. But, you know I’m always wondering.

Matthew 5:38-40 You have heard that it was said, “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.” But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.

These are hard words. I didn’t say anything, so in essence I did turn the other cheek, but not because I’m wise or even that these words came into mind. I didn’t say anything because I really don’t have any recourse. I have to just take it because that’s where I am with this situation. Although I’ve lost weight it wasn’t enough to satisfy. I will lose more. But, I will NOT stoop to that level of stupidity where I have to treat someone else badly to look smart. I’ve walked away from people like this in the past, but not this time!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Starting Over

Have you ever been in the situation where you just wanted a “do over?” Just an opportunity to try it one more time. That’s exactly why I love a new year. It offers the opportunity to do it again; hopefully, better than the last time.

Throughout my Christian walk I’ve struggled with many things. I’m not even close to getting it all together. But, in spite of my shortcomings, God loves me. I can be of service to His kingdom and I am worth it. So many times people want to come to Jesus when they have it all together, so they never quite make it. But you know what, he does his best work with a little mud and spit. He can help you, too!

I encourage you to make Jesus the Lord of your life this year. You don’t have to be perfect to do that, not even close, you just have to try. If accepting him gets you into heaven, then why chance it? This year is your year to shine. Accepting him is easy, walking the walk is hard, BUT He promises to never leave you and we have the Bible as our guide. Don’t wait until next year when YOU are perfect…this is a new year with many new opportunities for you! Let this be the year when you take the first step toward heaven.

Revelations 21:5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

Wednesday’s Wisdom: SEEK

Have you ever been on a mission? You know that driving force inside of you that sometimes gently nudges you and then other times pushes you forward? That is exactly how I’ve been feeling. You know I’ve been retired for nearly four years and have never felt “finished” very happy but not finished. My sweet Grandson will be going to school soon and I have joined a couple of Bible Studies and started volunteering to fill up my time … all of which I enjoy and all of which is the Hands and Feet operation that HE requires. But, as I’ve been seeking God about what I’m to do, specifically, — because I truly don’t feel “finished” … I’ve found this WORD … SEEK that describes it perfectly. I am SEEKing God’s Will for my life right now. Do you ever feel like you still have something to do?

The feeling isn’t one of dissatisfaction or of pure joy…just an ever increasingly stronger daily nudge (urge) to SEEK HIS will for my life. This blog seems to be an outlet for me to discover new ways to share funny stories, awesome adventures, sad situations, recipes, quilt antics, and my ever growing faith in HIM, but is that what I’m to seek …I don’t know. So I come to you humbly, with words that I hope inspire you and challenge you to SEEK what God has in store for you, too.

You know I truly believe HE has the MASTER PLAN and although we try to look beyond what we can see HE holds the key to our future. He knows where we’ll be next week, next month, and next year. We travel through difficult years, fun years, happy years, sad years and HE never leaves us, but we sometimes get lost. For the last couple of years I’ve felt this need to seek HIM more than ever before. Why? What am I to do? Have you ever felt this way?

I encourage you to join me. SEEK ways to make 2019 great. No matter the mountains you must cross or the clouds that cover the sky…we have work to do and together in God’s will we can accomplish the goals he has set for us in 2019. Of course I could set a goal to lose weight (which I’m working on), exercise more, laugh heartily every day, or save more money, but I want something more. I especially want to make a difference in the lives of children. They are so important to me, but I’m willing to look a different direction if that proves to be HIS will. I want to do good work while taking great care of my family. I want to love those inside and outside my circle, fiercely. Because that is what HE says I must do.

Will you join me in SEEKing his will for your life this year? One person can do a whole lot…together we can do much more, believe with me that when we will find what we are SEEKing, we’ll recognize our part in HIS plan for 2019!

Matthew 7:7 – Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.