A Girl and Her Pups!

A long time ago, when I was a little girl I can remember loving my dad’s old coon hound puppies. The litters were huge, maybe 10 puppies at a time. I’d make a bee line for them after school. My dad would manage to sell them or give them away and every single time it would break my heart. We had blue ticks, red bones, and they all hunted. He’d say, “Don’t spoil them, they won’t be worth anything.” I’d keep petting and playing. One time he brought me a big old sheep dog. It was huge.

Over the years of our married life, we’ve had a many different pets. But right now we have our own pups and we have Grandpups! I thought you all would like to see these sweet babies! Because you know they are a part of the family, right?

This is Whitey Herdog. Are you a St. Louis Cardinal’s Fan?

Whitey is Steve’s dog. He’s a hot mess but boy do we love him.

This is a painting of my King Ted! Kathleen is an amazing artist
King Ted!

We also have Sadie. Sadie is a yellow lab mix and is the best pet of all. She sleeps inside but is fiercely protective of us and travels with Steve all over our farm”ette.”

Then, there’s the Grandpups! You know Laura has always loved pets and at her house they have cows, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs. My Grandgirl K, like me, loves dogs. Here is K’s baby Bella.

Bella has the best life ever!

Then, there’s Pepper, T’s dog. Can you say spoiled and smart!

Pepper enjoying the recliner!

Then my son, that wasn’t going to have any pets and questioned our sanity now has a puppy at his house! Mercy! She’s a mess, too!

Piper is sweet and full of life!

When I’m not spending my time with my Grands and their pets it is an odd day. Today while I worked on the blog and waited on school to end to pick up the Grandsons, I played with Piper. I saw Bella and Pepper before coming here when I dropped off something at my daughter’s house. Ted and Whitey stayed at home with Steve. Just like always I can’t wait until I get home to see them….and, Steve, too, of course!

Do you love your pets? They are great company!

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