Teeny Tiny Toilets

You all know that I’m a big girl. Always have been and although I’m losing weight I’m not going to lose much height (i.e., big girl forever). But I do have a pet peeve. This women’s bathroom situation has to be fixed. Long ago, we had these.

Outside Facilities

Back in the day you opened the door, turned around fixed your clothing and sat or squatted! Plenty of room for all your business! Now it wasn’t the freshest aroma, but usually there was ample room. I didn’t have one of these at my home, but unlike my girl, I’ve had to use these before.

Now, bathrooms are so tiny in some places that you have to side step in beside the toilet (yuck…what if…I don’t even want to think about it!) because the door swings in and there is barely three inches between the door and the toilet. Heck with “business” you can’t hardly enter the establishment let alone anything else. I know you don’t need to camp out there, but it’s ridiculous. Mercy!

Surely this isn’t just a big girl problem. Those potties at fairs and such are small, too. We need room in here fellows. I’ve never been in the boys restroom at this facility, but it can’t be much larger. What’s the deal? I’m not even a germ phob, but I am so grossed out by having to sidle up to the seat to lock the door, that I can’t EVEN get past that issue. I know there are bigger problems in the world. But hey, big girls potty, too.

Anybody else? (Insert eyeroll)!

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