About a million years ago when I was a teenager and in love, there was an old oak tree along a hiking path. We hiked then, when we could walk easier, and held hands and talked and laughed and kissed…you get the idea. But, that old oak tree just stuck out in the path a little bit. Each time we’d hike by we’d notice it, because it was almost in the trail.

When you are young and in love you do all sorts of things you don’t have the energy for when you are older. Such as carving your initials in the tree and making a heart around the initials. Now why in the world did we do that? Mercy, I can’t even explain it. Love, I guess.

Not too many years ago, I managed to hike up that trail to find the tree. It’s still there and if you look closely and run your hands across the bark you can still make out the initials and the heart. Just like that old tree our love grows on. It doesn’t quite look like it did a long time ago, it’s probably become more like the tree itself…strong, true, a good shelter from the storms of life and pretty shady most of the time.

Love isn’t only for the young. When you age a little you realize you don’t have to carve initials in trees to prove your love you just have to be there for one another. Love grows!


Back in the day when my kids were younger I baked cookies and did laundry every Sunday afternoon because my ox was always in the ditch, so to speak. I’ve made millions, well maybe thousands of cookies in my day and I still make them often for Papa Steve and the Grands. However, I’ve made some dishes that were truly a FLOP!!!

I followed the recipe…

Let me tell you what, my sweet Son requested this swiss roll like cake for the holiday. I always try to make what my kids love, so I tried it. It said dust with cocoa and I did. It said roll and refrigerate. I did. It said unroll and fill with filling. I did. It said dust the top with cocoa. I did. In my defense, it never said once top with chocolate!

This was a MAJOR FLOP…not just a little bitty oh that’s kind of good flop…I’m talking major. Poor Son ate two pieces so it didn’t hurt my feelings, but even I wouldn’t have done that. It needed chocolate on top or something. It was terrible!

So if you are cooking today and try to make some Swiss Roll like cake. STOP! Read the recipe. If there’s no chocolate topping…RUN TO THE NEXT RECIPE!

Wednesday Wisdom: Love

Love … It truly is all we need!

This week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day and it started the wheels rolling in my brain at what exactly is love. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you hold it in your hand? Or, is it merely a passing fancy? Like always I go to the “Source” for my answers and this is what I found.

Romans 13:10 – Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

When I read those words I’m reminded of all the negativity we see and participate in on social media or conversation (could this be our NEIGHBORhood). LOVE DOES NO HARM…can you say you’ve truly loved? Have you lived your life without hurting someone. I’m Guilty! I’ve been hurt as well. Neither is good. We as a country could learn a great deal from this verse.

Love does no harm!

Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love”

When I was a much younger mother, I attended a church service where the preacher talked about two women and one baby were in a court of law. Both women stated the baby belonged to them. They were adamant about their decision. The judge being wise said we would just have to cut the baby in half, one half for each mother. As someone prepared for the task, one woman screamed and stepped forward and said “give him to her.” That was the child’s mother. Her love for the child would save him from death even if it meant she couldn’t have him. So the judge awarded her the child. That’s REAL love when you will step away from something you love rather than see it hurt.

Love is the highest command more so than faith and hope!

Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

This is such an important scripture for today. Each time you turn on the TV or radio someone is upset with someone or an event in the past is offensive. How have we missed this verse. Reread it. Completely humble and gentle means we are NOT better than anyone and no one is BETTER than us. Be PATIENT with each other’s faults…none of us are perfect…keep unity and peace. We really have a bit further to go in this area in my humble opinion.

Love is the most important gift we can give ourselves and others. We are wonderfully and fearfully made according to scripture. As you go about your day tomorrow, remember to be patient, peaceful, and do no harm to your neighbor. For our charge is LOVE…

Humble, Gentle, Bearing One Another…

Garage Sales In February

Do you love finding treasure? Do you love garage sales? Oh My Goodness…I’ve always loved them. Let me tell you a wee little tale (that’s true) about garage sales and my family.

Long ago, over 40 years now when I was married just a couple of years and was expecting Stephen Michael, Thelma (my great aunt), Mom, and I would load up every Friday and head for Rolla to the Garage Sales (capitalized for importance!). Boy, would we have a time! We shopped and found and laughed and looked and laughed and created memories that are still serving me well here in my 60s.

We’d pull up to a sale and Thelma would grab her purse and be the first one out the door. She would peruse the tables and find a treasure or two and then proceed to help me, as I waddled out of the car nine months pregnant, to find some treasures for him. By the time he was born, we had filled a chest of drawers completely with a lovely layette for very little money. Which is a good thing, because we didn’t have much of that stuff. Then, by the time Laura arrived I was a pro and her little closet was full of ruffles and lace. We only purchased the very best and I’d launder and dream of when my sweet babies would wear those clothes.

After yard sales we’d go somewhere for a bite to eat and then head home in time for Mom and Thelma to cook supper. Notice I left myself out, if it hadn’t been for Grandma Pearl and Mom, Steve and I would have starved to death in those days. So, my love for yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, whatever you want to call them goes far back. So, when Steve (garage sale hater) and I ventured out on Thursday I found a Garage Sale sign and after much pleading convinced Steve to take me. It didn’t disappoint!

Garage Sale Finds in February

The Carnival Glass??? bowl doesn’t have a chip and it is so pretty. The letter holder is for a DIY project which I will share with you later. The folding board is for the formidable quilting. So it was great fun. I had a nice visit with the lady selling things and was just as happy with my small purchase as I would have been had I paid $100 at the department store for the same thing!

Moral of the story garage sale fans…Hold on…Spring is coming!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Think On Good Things

Why is it the world would rather believe and think on things that are not true?  There are hundreds of wonderful stories that need telling. But, they are rarely told on social media, television or during gossip sessions. If you are wondering what has happened to our world today, I believe that it stems from this area right here. Good and bad things happen to everyone.  But people many times only want to talk about the bad. 

Some people choose to dwell on and only talk about all the troubles in the world. I’ve been one of those people a few times myself and I’m not particularly proud of that. People want to gossip or want to tell something untrue or hurtful to defame another because of jealousy or lack of confidence in themselves. They want to tell you how bad our country is or how bad we have it. And, others sometime believe it. No matter how long or deeply they’ve known the truth, they’d rather believe a lie.

Some people talk about ideas. They talk about solutions.   They talk about the great abilities of others and their accomplishments. They talk about the Word and how important it is to their life.  They talk about things that matter. Things that are good. I want to continue to work on this. I want to share the Word, ideas that enrich, recipes that feed, and stories that make you laugh. That’s a good thing!

Philippians 4:8 King James Version (KJV)

8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

A Junkin’ Promise!

Do you do something just for you? Something you might be the only one in the family that enjoys? This new year I made a deal with myself to do more little things that I love. It’s so hard to sync schedules with everyone, but I’ve decided once per month I’m going junkin’! So yesterday was the day!

I headed to the city as soon as my feet hit the floor. There weren’t very many estate sales but there were a few. I’m not sure if it’s the junk I love or looking at the houses where the junk is located. 🙄 In any case, I followed my map to the first location. Parking close, and as I was walking into the home, I closed the door and there on the wall was this hidden treasure:

Reverse Painting Antique Oval Frame

This frame is ancient. The painting is reverse on the glass. You can sometimes still find the big beautiful frames, but they rarely have glass. Love this so much!

At the top you’ll notice an old red, wooden handle food grinder. I will be using this jewel on my next jelly making venture.

Ship and Bird Butter Pat

Then I moved on to several other sales. This little wooden butter Pat was sweet. It has a ship and a bird. The fluted pan and thermometer were a couple items I’ve had on my list. So…my haul today was small. I left about 8:00 and was home by 3:00. It was a beautiful day. Although I didn’t find too much I enjoyed the process. It’s always fun to find a treasure. It’s also really important to keep promises to yourself!

Teeny Tiny Toilets

You all know that I’m a big girl. Always have been and although I’m losing weight I’m not going to lose much height (i.e., big girl forever). But I do have a pet peeve. This women’s bathroom situation has to be fixed. Long ago, we had these.

Outside Facilities

Back in the day you opened the door, turned around fixed your clothing and sat or squatted! Plenty of room for all your business! Now it wasn’t the freshest aroma, but usually there was ample room. I didn’t have one of these at my home, but unlike my girl, I’ve had to use these before.

Now, bathrooms are so tiny in some places that you have to side step in beside the toilet (yuck…what if…I don’t even want to think about it!) because the door swings in and there is barely three inches between the door and the toilet. Heck with “business” you can’t hardly enter the establishment let alone anything else. I know you don’t need to camp out there, but it’s ridiculous. Mercy!

Surely this isn’t just a big girl problem. Those potties at fairs and such are small, too. We need room in here fellows. I’ve never been in the boys restroom at this facility, but it can’t be much larger. What’s the deal? I’m not even a germ phob, but I am so grossed out by having to sidle up to the seat to lock the door, that I can’t EVEN get past that issue. I know there are bigger problems in the world. But hey, big girls potty, too.

Anybody else? (Insert eyeroll)!

Wednesday Wisdom: Stepping Out

The first step they say is the hardest. The stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown is where you find your purpose and your God. He might be calling you now or he’s called you in the past. Maybe you feel an urgency to do something you need to do or haven’t done yet. Or maybe its a nagging thought of something you should do. Have you listened to that small still voice?

Sometimes we have to take a “leap” of faith not just a step. If there’s something you feel like you need to be doing, I encourage you to do it. Don’t wait. Don’t let Satan, or anyone he uses, keep you from the purpose that God has established in your heart. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it. Step out in faith and take that first step.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV  Now faith is  confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


I love to go junkin’ do you? The best sales I’ve found so far are in or near the city. I’ve been to sales in St. Louis, Jefferson City, Columbia, and Springfield and several closer to home. The new estate sales that are out there are amazing. Everything is priced when you walk in. Then, discounts are taken each day after the initial start date. My favorites are the sales with old, primitive things.

Junkin’ means you get to go through all kinds of things. Last year we found Beatles records, an autoharp, jewelry, busts, and original art work along with some milk and carnival glass. The thrill of the search is so much more fun than going to the store. You never know what you’ll find!

If you are ever looking for something to do on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon download the Estate Sales App and give it a try. It’s a fun way to find treasures without breaking the pocketbook!

A Girl and Her Pups!

A long time ago, when I was a little girl I can remember loving my dad’s old coon hound puppies. The litters were huge, maybe 10 puppies at a time. I’d make a bee line for them after school. My dad would manage to sell them or give them away and every single time it would break my heart. We had blue ticks, red bones, and they all hunted. He’d say, “Don’t spoil them, they won’t be worth anything.” I’d keep petting and playing. One time he brought me a big old sheep dog. It was huge.

Over the years of our married life, we’ve had a many different pets. But right now we have our own pups and we have Grandpups! I thought you all would like to see these sweet babies! Because you know they are a part of the family, right?

This is Whitey Herdog. Are you a St. Louis Cardinal’s Fan?

Whitey is Steve’s dog. He’s a hot mess but boy do we love him.

This is a painting of my King Ted! Kathleen is an amazing artist
King Ted!

We also have Sadie. Sadie is a yellow lab mix and is the best pet of all. She sleeps inside but is fiercely protective of us and travels with Steve all over our farm”ette.”

Then, there’s the Grandpups! You know Laura has always loved pets and at her house they have cows, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs. My Grandgirl K, like me, loves dogs. Here is K’s baby Bella.

Bella has the best life ever!

Then, there’s Pepper, T’s dog. Can you say spoiled and smart!

Pepper enjoying the recliner!

Then my son, that wasn’t going to have any pets and questioned our sanity now has a puppy at his house! Mercy! She’s a mess, too!

Piper is sweet and full of life!

When I’m not spending my time with my Grands and their pets it is an odd day. Today while I worked on the blog and waited on school to end to pick up the Grandsons, I played with Piper. I saw Bella and Pepper before coming here when I dropped off something at my daughter’s house. Ted and Whitey stayed at home with Steve. Just like always I can’t wait until I get home to see them….and, Steve, too, of course!

Do you love your pets? They are great company!