Having been married to Steve for the last almost 45 years I’ve learned a few things: marriage takes work, marriage is a friendship, and marriage is sharing.

We married young, I at 16 and he barely 20. We struggled and worked and struggled some more. Sometimes he would give in and sometimes I would. We changed so much with just growing up, let alone being married, that we had to learn to work together.

A true friendship can save a marriage. There are times you don’t want to be married, but there’s rarely a time you don’t want to stay friends. It is so important to be friends, share interests and secrets, and communicate your needs to each other. This environment grows love.

Sharing in marriage is vital. I’m not talking about sharing money, food, or space (although that is important), but I’m talking about sharing your troubles and your dreams. Carrying a load alone during marriage separates you from your spouse. Help each other carry the load that life gives you and you’ll develop real love and understanding. Share your dreams and aspirations, work toward your goals, and support one another. We haven’t always done that correctly, but we’ve ultimately ended up on the same page.

Marriage is such hard work, but I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. I encourage you today…marriage is a great thing!

Our Missouri State Capitol

What an exceptional experience Steve and I had on Wednesday, April 17. We hadn’t visited Missouri’s capitol since our children were young and we took pictures of them on the Grand Staircase for Christmas cards. But, since our son-in-law, Justin Brown, has become the Senator for the 16th District we wanted to visit Missouri’s Capitol Building and show our support for him. But, as always, Justin was full of surprises and had arranged a wonderful afternoon for us. What an awesome experience!

Missouri’s Capitol is exceptionally beautiful. The capitol building is now under renovation due to exterior deterioration, but that didn’t take away from the beauty or history of this huge, beautiful building. The marble columns, the statues, the paintings, the Governor’s Office, the Senate Chambers, the artwork of Thomas Hart Benton and the history of the building made for a very interesting afternoon. We’ve always been patriotic and loved our State and Country, so it was the perfect way to celebrate our citizenship in the great state of Missouri.

While visiting we were able to sit in and listen to the Appropriations Committee discussion, visit the museum, tour the Senate Chamber, be introduced on the Senate floor, sit in the gallery, as well as visit with our son-in-law, Senator Brown, of whom we are very proud. Then, we were given the great opportunity to meet the Governor in his office. We were humbled and honored that Governor Parson would take the time to talk with us in his office. The Governor’s office is full of the artwork and history that I loved in the building. We found Governor Parson, Missouri’s 57th Governor, to be very welcoming and cordial during our visit. He was easy to talk to and welcomed us to the Capitol. We so appreciated the opportunity to meet and visit with him.

It was the perfect day! Thank you, Justin for reminding us that we have so much to be proud of here in the great state of Missouri!

Teaching: Big Love and Boundaries!

Are you really ready to test? Teach? Here is a little piece of advice or something that isn’t specifically written in college texts for teachers as they prepare to teach. Children need and “crave” love AND boundaries! They need both to feel safe. If you set high expectations and hold children accountable in the classroom for their behavior you will set the stage for wonderful learning! When you provide them with a nurturing classroom environment, in which they feel safe, all children can and will learn. Somehow educators have been led down the rabbit hole to believe that children should be coddled and never or rarely be held accountable. I simply do not agree! Can you imagine how that makes the child feel? “My teacher doesn’t think I can do it. So, since I love her and school, she must be correct.” Children need boundaries to feel safe. They need BIG love and high expectations inside those boundaries to learn and succeed. They need somebody to believe in them!

Remember – LOVE the children, set HIGH expectations for their learning, and teach them the proper expected behavior. Don’t fall into the excuses department (home, socio-group, behavior, etc.) for why they can’t or shouldn’t be able to learn but, BELIEVE in them and hold them accountable. If they love your classroom, they will succeed and you won’t have to worry about testing results at the end of the year

Wednesday’s Wisdom: All These Bible Studies!

Bible Study – do you attend one? What are your thoughts? Well this year I’ve signed up for four. One online and three seated with my friends at a couple of different churches. Guess what? I’m learning NEW things!

Studying the Word!

My studies are all completely different, but are led my Godly women that I hold in high regard. My first is with Davita on Monday evening and is the study of Genesis. Davita is a Godly woman and such a great friend. Do you know by whom and when the book of Genesis was written and the history of the book? My dear sweet friend for such a long time, Wanda, teaches Tuesday mornings with the most wonderful group of ladies. We are studying Matthew. Today, Matthew 18 – Forgiveness is hard, but we must do it! I’m so glad I have forgiveness in my heart now. Then, I end the week at Mary’s studying Ephesians – Do you know who you are in Christ? I’m not sure if I’m learning more about grace, service, and friendship from the Bible or from Mary our leader. She is wonderful!

Friends, don’t wait like I have and feel like you won’t belong. Sign up for a Bible Study and enjoy the fellowship and learning that occurs. My last is with and we are studying online in preparation for reading the Bible within the year. I Kings is our study now and I love the history and application of what I’m learning.

Get out of your comfort zone and go to Bible Study. You’ll enjoy it! I promise?

Oh My Goodness— Chocolate Chip Cookies!

My family loves chocolate chip cookies! They expect (rightly so) that the cookie jar be full and ready when they visit! I’d been dieting all week and hadn’t baked, so the jar was empty!

So, what is any self-respecting Grandma to do when the jar is empty, but bake. This recipe has been published in the Edgar Springs Saddle Club Cookbook which is no longer in print. I’d love to share it with you!

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The cookies are baked at 375 for 10-13 minutes depending on your oven. They are cooled on wax paper. Then they are so delicious you won’t want to stop with just one! Hope you enjoy!

My cookie jar is full again, just waiting for company!

And the jar is full!

Sweet Memories

Are you loving this Spring weather? Beautiful sunshine! Flowers peeping through. Birds chirping! Just a few of the many reasons that I love Spring.

An old friend sent me a message about the memories we made playing under my momma’s old forsythia bush. She had driven by to reminisce. So today I had to do a drive by myself and check it out. Beautiful as always. So it got me to thinking.

We should celebrate our memories and our friendships just like we celebrate Spring … with a new awakening. Old friends are the dearest. I treasure my childhood friends. Take some time today to send a note or a message to an old friend and let them know you are thinking of them, I know I’m going to do that right now. I hope it will put sunshine in their day!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Joy

Today, I was reminded of joy! Joy in life. Joy in celebrating where you are right now, not looking forward or longing to go back. Joy in this moment the one God have you, right now.

This is really difficult for me. I am always working toward, thinking and planning for the future, but today a child reminded me of the joy in THIS moment. I encourage you not to think about the past … it is gone. Let God handle the future to the extent you can. Breathe in deeply and feel the fresh air of today. Observe beauty and give Him thanks. Enjoy laughter. Live in this precious moment.

Matthew 6:34 King James Version (KJV)

34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Forgiveness!

A few weeks ago our message at church was forgiveness! Although I don’t normally carry a grudge or have unforgiveness in my heart I did and I had to give it up! That was the message for the day…has someone hurt you and you can’t let go of that and forgive them…give it to Jesus, so YOU can be free.

I’ve struggled for some time with this. I know the principle behind the forgiveness theory in the Bible and in God’s plan. But this person hurt me deeply. This person treated me terribly. This person just almost broke my heart. By God’s grace they didn’t!

How can I forgive them? After all they did to me. I need to be forgiven, too. We all do, so I can forgive them and I have, but NOT because of me, but just because of HIM!

Matthew 6:15 New International Version (NIV)

15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

What YOU Think Matters!

As teachers, we all do what we think is most important. If you THINK it is OK for kids to not learn phonics, then you won’t teach it even if that is what you are to do. If you THINK I can skip Science because we are busy preparing for testing. Then, you’ll move on to what you THINK is the most important. If you THINK we will just take a break today and watch a video instead of practicing our read aloud, then you’ll stop and miss read aloud. If you THINK today we will get to everything on our agenda, then you will. If you THINK today we are going to make sure we have a long recess, then you will. If you THINK my students worked hard on the math test yesterday, we’ll have a math game today, then you will. Students learn what you teach!


A Tiny Kitchen Garden

Spring has arrived! I’m eager to begin digging, planting, and watching tiny plants peek through the loose soil as they reach for the sun. Today, my sweet guy and I went to our local Lowe’s to pick up some kitchen herbs and potting soil to try some container gardening this year. I’ve wanted a small little kitchen garden for years! Look what I found!

It happened…Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme! Finally, a few fresh herbs for my country kitchen!

Little Clay Pots Filled with Kitchen Goodness!
Another view with my sweet little terracotta pots of succulents!