Louisiana Did Not Disappoint!

I’ve been wanting to visit New Orleans for like, forever! I’ve wanted to cross the Ponchartrain for longer than that! Well, PapaSteve and I went on an early vacation this year and I checked off a Bucket List item! To say I was excited doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings!

You see, this trip to NOLA was way out of PapaSteve’s comfort zone or so he thought. But love, it will cause you to do things you think you would never do! [Wink!!] In any case, we arrived in NOLA about 9:00AM and had a great time!

The timing of our trip was wonderful. The traffic was light which allowed for lots of sight seeing! The parking was excellent which was great for me.

Street Musicians
Mighty Mississippi
PapaSteve – Beignets at
Cafe Du Monde
Statues were amazing!

We really enjoyed our time in NOLA. We saw many interesting sights, ate some great food, and loved the French Quarter. The architecture and the plants and colorful people made me realize how much I enjoy exploring new places. NOLA leaves your senses – all of them – in a whirl! I’ve never visited anyplace quite like it.

I will be back NOLA…now PapaSteve…I’m not so sure about him!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: A Little Late!

Do you ever get caught up in what you are doing and lose track of time? Sometimes I set goals for myself on what I’d like to accomplish in a day and then start pursuing my goal. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t. On those days that I don’t, I get down on myself. “Why didn’t you get that done?” “What were you doing?” Then, I am upset with myself and worry.

But you know that is contrary to God’s design. He wants us to worship Him daily, have peace in our lives, and pursue Him more than anything else. I need to read this verse EVERY single day…how about you? Sometimes I toil too much!

Luke 12:27 – Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

What Do Mothers Want?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. What is it that Mothers really want? What can you give them that will make them feel appreciated and loved? I think it depends on the situation for sure, but it also depends on the age of their children.

Young mommas need quiet uninterrupted time for themselves. Just a few hours to do what pleases themselves! Middle aged moms might want a nice little bouquet of flowers, a fun little trip, or a dinner out. But us older moms we just want time…uninterrupted time to visit and love on the people we like most!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Oh What A Creation!

For the last few weeks I’ve been studying creation. 🌞🌛🌎 The first few chapters of the Book of Genesis, although well read (most people aim to read the Bible in a year but usually don’t make it past Genesis😄), has nuggets of gold hidden in its verses.

Can you imagine the beauty of the Garden?🌴🦚🌲 I ponder on this often because the garden was created by God. I can imagine the flowers, the vines, the trees, the complete and available food for Adam and Eve. 🌺🌷🌼🥀🌸What a wonderfully, delightful thought. All they needed to live was right there at their fingertips. Food. Peace. Beauty. Then to be able to commune with God in the evening. It must have been sweet.

However, one little bite from the forbidden fruit changed everything. Sometimes today the same thing happens. We wet our toes in sin just a little and the next thing we know we are drowning in it.🐍

That is not God’s plan for His children whom He loves. We must be strong in His power and might.

Ephesians 6:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Wednesday’s Wisdom: I missed it!

This morning while reading my Bible I asked God to show me, let me see whom I might help today. So, I set off in expectation of this opportunity. I was enjoying the environment and the people and the busyness of the day. A young homeless, man said “Mam, May I have a dollar?” And just as I’d been trained, I said “Sorry hon” not wanting to get my wallet out in this busy area while protecting myself. I had no change in my pocket. He replied “That’s OK but thank you for acknowledging me.” Then I felt the nudge of the Spirit. I failed the test! I missed the opportunity I’d prayed about earlier because of fear. I will forever be remorseful for not giving this young man a dollar or ten and not sharing my love for Jesus with him. God please forgive me for being afraid to step out in faith.


This time of year is magical for the gardener. The bushes bring the blossoms that we eagerly await all winter. Those blossoms remind us that sunshine and warmer days are here to stay. Their beauty is not only for the eye, but for the fragrance, as well.

The lilacs are blooming. The fragrance is sweet wafting through the air as I sit on my porch and contemplate SPRING!


As a teacher, you have to do a whole lot of ACCEPTING! Accepting you can’t control every issue for a particular child. Accepting the expectations of your administrator and district. Accepting the fact that you might not be able to make the difference for that particular child on that particular day. Accepting the fact that not all children will go to bed with a full tummy in a loving home. This is hard for teachers.

But, I do want to encourage you as you TEACH there are some things you do not have to accept. You do not have to accept that although in some places children are unloved, the fact that in your classroom ALL children will be made to feel loved. You do not have to accept that as individuals we have to TEACH exactly like our neighbor even if we utilize the same curriculum, but as a professional can utilize those expectations to make your curriculum comes alive for our students and meets the criteria set before us. You have the opportunity to ACCEPT every child just as they are when they walk through your door and make them believe they can accomplish any task in front of them. As a teacher you ACCEPT the awesome responsibility of creating in a student the courage to try and fail and try again until they meet success.

Will you ACCEPT this awesome responsibility…TEACH!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: Do You Know?

Many times in life we are so very busy, maybe too busy, to notice what others are going through in their day to day lives and find out how we could help. I’ve been so very guilty of this and am trying so hard to focus on the needs of those around me and NOT be like Martha in the Bible story always working, preparing, and taking care of issues that really aren’t that important, instead of sitting at Jesus’ feet or meeting the needs of those around me.

I encourage you to slow down…that’s an odd request. Slow down and look around you. Determine how you could make a difference. You will be amazed at the impact you can have on the life of individuals if you’ll just slow down and GIVE of yourself and your time for the betterment of others. Be Jesus’ hands and feet!

Luke 10:38-40 New International Version (NIV)

At the Home of Martha and Mary

38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.40 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”4

Antique Plates! Junkin’ With My Girl!

My daughter, Laura, is as busy as anyone I know. Generally, I go junkin’ alone or take a friend along. But, Saturday morning she wanted to go junkin’ and we had the most wonderful day together!

I found several treasures, as did she, but my very favorite part of the day was spending time with her. I collect hand painted fruit plates. Some of my “finds” are pictured here:

Antique Plates with Flowers and Fruits

I simply love these hand painted fruit and floral plates. They are old and beautifully crafted. The Estate Sales that we visited were filled with treasures. These plates are so beautiful and will be used in decorating my dining room with the others I have on the wall. Pictures will follow soon!


Having been married to Steve for the last almost 45 years I’ve learned a few things: marriage takes work, marriage is a friendship, and marriage is sharing.

We married young, I at 16 and he barely 20. We struggled and worked and struggled some more. Sometimes he would give in and sometimes I would. We changed so much with just growing up, let alone being married, that we had to learn to work together.

A true friendship can save a marriage. There are times you don’t want to be married, but there’s rarely a time you don’t want to stay friends. It is so important to be friends, share interests and secrets, and communicate your needs to each other. This environment grows love.

Sharing in marriage is vital. I’m not talking about sharing money, food, or space (although that is important), but I’m talking about sharing your troubles and your dreams. Carrying a load alone during marriage separates you from your spouse. Help each other carry the load that life gives you and you’ll develop real love and understanding. Share your dreams and aspirations, work toward your goals, and support one another. We haven’t always done that correctly, but we’ve ultimately ended up on the same page.

Marriage is such hard work, but I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. I encourage you today…marriage is a great thing!